CHARGE2My youngest son is a geek in the truest sense of the word. He moved way beyond techie before he was ten years old. Truth be known he is way too smart. I’d like to tell you he got it from his parents, but there’s just no way that happened as is evidenced by our latest saga over the cords that link our I-phones to power.

By way of background, my husband is an E-Bay junkie. Whatever we need, he searches until he finds it for the cheapest price possible–even if it has to come on a slow boat from China. So when I left my I-phone cord in a hotel, he went on-line and found about a dozen great cords for less money than one would have been in the Apple store.  When they came, we had long ones and short ones in a variety of colors. It wasn’t long til I realized they didn’t really work–at least not all the time. I’d plug my phone in at night expecting it to be fully charged by morning only to find out it didn’t sync. FRUSTRATION. I began to get error messages that told me this cord was not an approved device and may not work. Well, I’d already figured that out. And, it wasn’t long until we began to have all sorts of problems with our data syncing between our phones and our PC. Updating apps or uploading pictures became impossible.

So it’s Christmas Day and we could hardly wait for the youngest to arrive. Before I could finish my welcome hug, his dad whisked him away to look at our problems. It didn’t take him long to announce that it was the cords we had been using–those cords I’d been fuming about for months. It seems they are not only cheap and incompatible, they are charging cords, not syncing cords. They looked the same, they connected, but they didn’t work. They were great lengths, bright colors and abundant–but they couldn’t and didn’t get the job done.

Have you ever been frustrated and felt your prayers aren’t getting through. It seems your life just isn’t in-sync with heaven? I realized that sometimes we approach our quiet times with the desire to just recharge our battery. Indeed it might be enough to get us through the day. But are we taking the time to truly sync with God’s will–His plan for our day/our life. Are we ready to tackle the day on our own once we’ve gotten a little recharge or are we completely synced with Him–ready to do His will vs our own.

It’s a simple analogy that has had me looking at my quiet time with renewed fervor. There must be time for God to sync our hearts with His–there must be time for the Word to take root in our lives. Prayer is important–we need to charge our spiritual batteries. But the Word is the lamp unto our feet and the light for our path (Psalm 119:105). Sync up.


2 thoughts on “PERFECTLY IN-SYNC

  1. So often, I want answers to my prayers right away. But, I know that God knows His plan for me and His answer may be “Not now” or “No”. His answer is always the best for me. I keep praying, as I know God is always listening. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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