Monthly Archives: July 2016

A New Beginning


planet-581239_1280I’ve been reported as missing….from my blog. Actually, I pushed a pause button on all activities unrelated to moving our household to Tennessee. This was a long and arduous process, and I am pleased to report that we are happily ensconced in our new home, surrounding by amazing neighbors and life-long friends. We’ve found grocery stores, doctors, and a new church home. WHEW!

So what does this new beginning look like for this writer?

a.  First, I had to find a place to meet with God.  My morning room didn’t exist in this house and I sold my chaise lounge. Since the weather has been beautiful, I just took my Bible, devotional material, pen and notebook outside. When winter comes, we’ll have to rethink all of this.

b.  Then I needed to find a place for me to write. We nixed the dining room to create an office for me. Downsizing requires compromises.

c. I needed dedicated time to write. Since I’m an early riser, I am up hours before my household. So obviously I had the time.

But months went by and I didn’t write a single word. WHY? Had I suddenly determined I wasn’t created to write? Was I fearful I’d fail or that nobody really cared. Truth be known, I fell prey to procrastination. “Tomorrow,” “next week,” “after this or that” became the excuses played out in my mind as God gently reminded me He had a plan for my life. Truth be known, I wasn’t that busy. I was a procrastinator. It is amazing how I can fill those hours with wasted activities.

So this morning, I came before the Lord and said, “I need a new beginning with you.” He reminded me that in the beginning He created (Genesis 1:1). During these months God has given me lots of ideas of how to share His truth and plan for our lives. So, I’m going to step out today and start creating.

What does creating look like in my little corner of this big universe?

  1.  Activating my blog and professionally participating in social media outlets.
  2. Hiring a professional editor to rework my current manuscript so I can present it to an agent and publishing houses as a complete and professional work.
  3. Developing a leader guide and group study questions.
  4. Tackling the writing 365 devotions for a companion year-long devotional guide.
  5. Exploring ways to share God’s truths with children, teens and young adults.

Have you heard the voice of God calling you to begin or renew a work? Lay down those excuses and patterns of procrastination. Join me and let today be the day of new beginnings. It’s not New Year’s Day or even the beginning of a new month or week. It’s just a new beginning with your Creator–for He is inspiring you to create ways to minister to others and to tell them of His love, mercy, and grace.

Time to rise, take up our beds of slumber, and walk in newness of life with Him. Just do it.